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This course is run in a classroom set-up. some materials will be explained by the instructor in charge of the course and others will be covered online using a laptop.  A final Assessment is given to the student to check the overall understanding of the course.

ABILITY AFTER THE COURSE: an understanding of how you need to navigate and pilot your boat safely in familiar waters. But it will not give you international accreditation. 

This is an introductory course for anybody who is currently boating or interested in the basics of navigating safely at sea. You will learn how to:

  1. Read and interpret charts, publications, and terms

  2. Learn how to read and interpret buoyage

  3. Create passage plans and navigate using charts

  4. Be able to interpret tide tables

DURATION: 6 hours. can be done in one full day with a 1-hour break in between or split over two days.



  • Charts & Publications

  • Buoyage System (IALA)

  • Tidal Awareness (Tidal streams, Tidal Heights, Tidal curves)

  • Basic Navigation

  • Passage Planning

  • Pilotage

INCLUDED:  A pack with training charts, a Portland plotter, and a divider.

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