About the Youth Courses:

The youth courses provide an enjoyable and progressive way to learn to sail. Each certificated course provides an opportunity to recognize your achievements.

You can learn to sail very quickly, provided the equipment is right for you and the challenge is suitable. Your instructor will sign off each skill as you complete it, once you’ve completed all the skills in each syllabus a certificate will be issued.

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Stage 1: Introduction to Sailing

Stage 1 involves getting to know parts of the boat, how to sit in the boat, and turn the boat through the wind. The student will be able to steer and understand basic principles by the end of the course. No previous experience is needed. 

Stage 2: Youth Begginers Course

Stage 2 involves a wider range of sailing skills that will be taught including some extra points of sail. Children will learn to control boat speed.
To sign up for this course, a minimum of Stage 1 or equivalent is required.

Stage 3: Youth Intermediate Course

Children will learn to sail faster and more efficiently. Stage 3 involves sailing in all directions according to the wind, rigging, launching, basic maneuvers.
They will be building their confidence to sail light to medium winds.
a minimum of stage 2 or equivalent is required. 

Stage 4: Youth Advanced Course 

Stage 4 sailors should be acquiring the skills to sail a double-hander boat as crew or helm and solve problems independently. This course is also a gateway to the advanced modules. A minimum of stage 3 or equivalent is required to sign up for this course.